Best Netball Training Drills for Players

Netball is majorly a team game and all the players of the team are required to work regularly on all the aspects of the game in order to improve their performance and ensure the victory of the team. One of the most effective ways of improving and enhancing the netball skills of a team is by regularly practicing the netball training drills. So, here we have bought for you some of the best netball training drills that will surely help you in improving your skills and game.Here I’ve listed below best netball training drills for players ..

Drill 1

The first drill that we have listed can be practiced only in pairs. So, form pairs with one ball given to each pair. You can practice out this drill on court especially marked for tennis or volleyball. So, to start with the drill, one of the players known as feeder will have to make a chest pass to his right and the other player who is known as the worker will have to run forward to receive the ball. The other player has to make sure that he doesn’t miss the ball. You will have to continuously repeat this drill for about thirty seconds and then the players can switch their roles. After the players switch and successfully complete another round of the same drill, you can ask the feeder to change the direction for passing the ball.

netball training drills


Drill 2

This is one of the most crucial and effective netball drills for training players and work on their speed and accuracy whilst on court. For practicing this drill, you will require three players and two balls. This drill can also be best practiced on courts that are especially marked for playing tennis or volleyball. Two players will be assigned the role of feeder while the third player is the worker. In this drill, the worker will receive the ball and he will have to pass the ball through a chest pass. The feeders will have to then run and have to pass the ball back through a chest pass. This drill should also be carried out for thirty seconds and after that the roles must be switched one by one between those three players.

Drill 3

In order to practice this drill, you will be requiring a total of six players among whom three will be the defenders and other three will be the attackers and they will have to play in the one third area of the court with a single ball. The players will have to pass the ball quickly to the other players ensuring that the ball is not passed to the same player from whom they receive the ball. You will have to focus, on your speed, accuracy, footwork and agility all the time. However, in case the ball is defended by a defender, he will play the role of the attacker and vice versa. This drill basically help the players in improving their focus, agility, accuracy, speed and also checks their presence of mind while playing the game.Hope you all like the netball training drills tips and make sure to give your feedbacks below.

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