5 Fast Netball Shooting Drills for Improvement


The only way to earn or collect points in netball is shooting. Therefore, it becomes very important to master the skills of hitting the net accurately. Technique, accuracy and control over the body are the key skills required in every shooter. In order to improve oneself in netball, one must try to improve and enhance his skills. Practicing different types of netball shooting drills is very important for improving your skills and ensuring the success of your team in a match. So, here we have listed some of the netball shooting drills that will help players in improving their netball skills as well as accuracy. Players can execute these drills either in pairs or solely.

netball shooting drills

Solo Shooting Drill

This is one of the most effective netball shooting drills for improving your individual skills and techniques. This type of drill can be executed in the presence of a single player only. At the time of lining up with the post, a player should stand feet shoulder width apart and hold the ball mainly with his shooting hand while providing support to it by his second hand. While shooting, the arms of the player should bend at the elbow behind his head with elbows touching the ears and arms stretched in the upward direction. You can repeat it from different angles of the netball court.

Partner Shooting: 10 shots

In order to perform this drill, you will need 2 players, 10 cones, a ball and a post. Line up each and every cone at different points. Then the time of every player must be recorded in order to check the time taken by him to shot the ball from different points.

Partner Shooting: Cardio and Shooting Training

This drill aims at testing your endurance while measuring your shooting accuracy and requires two players. In this drill, the rebounder can place the ball around the semi- circle anywhere and then the shooter has to sprint from the ball to the sideline and go back. The shooter will have to try for a basket while returning back to the ball. After attempting the shot, the shooter will run back to the sideline and repeat this practice over and over again while the rebounder places the ball at a different spot on the semi- circle as long as 10 baskets are made.

5 People or More: 10 Pass Shooting Drill

This drill requires two shooter in the circle and three attackers on the court. The attackers will have to pass the ball among them five times while starting from the transverse line and then pass the ball to the shooters. Another five passes should be successfully made after the shooters receive the ball and attempts a shot.

Shooting past a Defender

In this drill, two players are needed accompanied by a ball and a post. One of the players will be the shooter will the other will be the defender. The main objective of the shooter is to attempt basket while the defender will try to stop him from doing so. This drill helps in checking and spotting any wrong technique of the shooter who has to flick the ball over the defender.

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