Netball Passing Drills Tricks

Netball is a team- oriented game that requires the combine effort of everyone in the team for winning the game. Every team member must concentrate on their game and try to improve and enhance their individual as well as team’s abilities so that they could perform better as a collective team. The best method to enhance and improve your abilities is to practice various netball passing drills. Passing is one of the most crucial skills that every netball player should try to master for improving their performance in the game. It is almost impossible for a netball team to work effectively if each and every member of that team doesn’t possess passing skills. Therefore, here we have listed some of the best netball passing drills that will help netball players enhance their passing skills and perform better for their teams.

Dizzy Passing

This is one of the most effective netball passing drills. In order to perform it, all the players of the team are required to form a circle and one of the players must be positioned in the center of the circle to act as the passer. The passer standing in the center of the circle must pass the ball to the player standing on the right hand side of the player who hold the other ball. Simultaneously, the player holding the other ball must pass the ball to the passer who is standing in the middle of the circle. This task must continue until the balls undergo two rotations of the circle and after this the passer standing in the center can be switched with any other player.

netball passing drills

The 4 Corner Pass

In order to practice this drill, 4 players are needed who have to stand at four different corners forming a square. A fifth player acting as the attacker holds a ball and stands in the center of the square. The attacking player can then drive, cut and make use of the area inside that square as long as the ball is passed and received by every player standing at the 4 different corners at least two times.

Fast Hands

This drill mainly focuses on improving the passing time taken by a player and thus improving their reaction time. You have to make pairs of the players and give a ball to any of the player from a pair. The other player must stand few yards away from them. Then the player holding the ball must pass it to the other player and the other player must quickly react and bring up his hands in order to catch the ball. This practice must take place for several times and the roles can be switched after sometime.

See Saw

You will need a ball and 3 players for this drill. The three players must stand in such a way so as to form a T shape. At the bottom of T, the passer must stand with a ball in his hands. The passer must then pass the ball two both the players one by one. The player must drive in to catch the ball and then pass it back to the passer. In this way, the drill must be carried out several times and then the positions can be switched.

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