5 Netball Footwork Drills for Fast Performance

In order to achieve perfection in any game one requires constant practice and hard work. The same thing goes with Netball. One must devote as much time as possible and put in all his efforts to master the skills of netball. There are several aspects related to netball. Netball footwork drills are an important aspect of netball as there are no strict rules related to how to move the ball within the court. They help the player in developing certain skills like presence of mind, balance, coordination and discipline. So, here we have listed some of best netball footwork drills that will surely result in the improvement of your game.

Ice Cream Drill

Such types of netball footwork drills enable the players to improve their focus and agility in the game. In this drill, the player not having the ball in his hand will run towards the other team trying to catch the pass and then land on the ground on one foot before the other foot touches the ground. A certain player will shout “ice” as soon as the landing foot of the other player touches the ground and when the trailing foot touches the ground, he will shout “cream”.

Left or Right Drill

Left or right drill is one of the most interesting and beneficial netball footwork drills. For this drill you will be requiring two players and 3 cones which must be placed around 2 meters away from each other. One player should stand near the middle cone and the other players having the balls in their hand should stand 5 meters away. Treating the cone as a guide, the player holding the ball will make 3 passes to the right hand side of the receiver and then repeat the same process to the left hand side of the receiver as well. This drill majorly focuses on the landing of the outside foot and shuffling back of the middle cone after every successful pass.

netball footwork drills

Speed Drill

This netball footwork drills requires 2 or more players. They will have to line up on the opposite side of the court within the cones that are assigned to them. On the blowing of the whistle, every player must sprint to his cone, slide around the side cones and then they will have to sprint back to the starting position.

Statue of Liberty Drill

These netball footwork drills help the players to develop balance and improve their footwork. The player having the ball stands and rest of the players run, jump and try to grab the ball which requires proper footwork and balance. This drill can be further made interesting by letting the statue player sprint to some other position on the court and try to successfully complete a pass before repeating the complete drill again.

Outside Foot Drill

For this drill two ball feeders and one receiver is needed. This drill majorly focuses on the landing of the player, passing the ball to the feeders diagonally, catching the ball and pushing off where the receiver alternates back and forth in between the two feeders.

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