Netball Fitness Drills

Netball is a physically challenging demanding game so it becomes quite important for the players to regularly exercise and keep themselves fit and healthy. Regular practice helps them in improving their netball skills. Fitness is also a major aspect which is required in every game. So, here we have listed some of the best netball fitness drills that will help you to remain fit and active. Try out these simple yet effective netball fitness drills to get best results.

Reaction Drill

Reaction Drill is one such netball fitness drills that works extremely well when practiced in a large group. However, it can be performed in a small group too. So, to start with it all the players must stand 2 meters away from each other forming a circle and facing the coach who is standing in the center of the circle holding a ball. Then as soon as the coach signals all the players must fast feet on their spot while watching the ball and as the coach moves the ball, the players must move their arms in the direction of the ball and react to the coach’s gesture.

Shuttle Running

netball fitness drillsIn order to start with this netball fitness drills, all players must line up on any of the base line corners. The all the all players must perform this drill one by one at a gap of thirty seconds between every player. First of all they should diagonally run to the first center third transverse line corner meanwhile kicking their feet up to their behind. Then they should jump in the air with their knees bend and arms raised. This practice must be repeated for 5 times. After this all the players must side step across the transverse line facing the base line where they started from to the other side of the court. The player standing at the corner must then perform a total of 10 star jumps which are further followed by running with knees bend at ninety degrees to the diagonal corner.Then standing in a feet width apart with arms out in the side position and then begin turning their upper body from one side to the other ensuring to twist from waist and hips. This must be performed at least 10 times. After this all the players should shuffle run slowly to the last diagonal corner. On reaching the corner, the players must finally sprint along the base line and side line way back to the beginning.

Zig Zagging

This drill is practiced by lining up the players at the bottom corner of the ground. The players standing at the front of the line should be treated as leader and other players must follow them. Every player must stand at a gap of 1 or 2 meters from each other. The leader should sprint along the baseline and run with knees up diagonally to the thirst line. Then after kicking their ankles along that line they must sidestep towards the corner. Players must jog backwards along that line and then diagonally jog back to the corner. Then after dodging along the baseline, the players must sprint diagonally at a pace of three quarter to the starting spot. This netball fitness drills must be preformed until all the players have performed it.

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