Netball Drills for Kids

Playing is a one of the best exercises for the overall development of a kid. Playing netball can help kids stay fit and healthy as well as learn the essentials of team spirit and togetherness. The best way that could really help your child in mastering the basics of netball is regularly practicing all the netball drills that are especially designed for young players to help them learn the basics of netball. Here we have listed some of the most essential netball drills for kids that can really help them out to improve and enhance their netball skills. These netball drills for kids will help them learn how to pass the ball, attack and defend in netball.

Warm Up Drill

Warm up is one of the basic netball drills for kids, it is always advisable to do some warm up before starting with the game in order to enhance the circulation of blood and make the body limber. An easy and effective way to practice this drill is to ask kids take a few laps at a jogging pace in an oval shape. After that they can perform several stretches such as squats, arm swings, hamstring walks and torso twists.

netball drills for kids

Netball Tag


This is a fun to play netball game that will be useful for increasing the kid’s focus in the game. you can begin with the formation of two teams by diving the kids into two different teams and then providing a ball to any team. The team having the ball is tagged and they must try to tag the players from their opponent team by touching them with the help of a ball. This game ends when all the players from the opposing team are tagged and the last player standing in the court is announced as the winner of the game.

Pass and Catch

Pass and catch is an easy yet effective netball drills for kids that will help kids enhance their power and accuracy while attempting to throw the ball. in order to perform this drill, you will have to just pair up all the players and then ask them to pass and catch the ball between both of them unless they have performed a specific number of passes and catches.

King Ball

King Ball is one of the most interesting netball drills for kids. All you have to do is to divide the kids and form two different teams. After this you will have to characterize one player from each team as the King. The king of each team will have to stand on their respective benches. Each team will have to try that all the players from their team becomes the king and stands on their respective team’s bench. Whichever team accomplishes this task first becomes the winner of the game. In order to become the king, the players will have to successfully pass the ball to their king who is standing on the team’s bench. The king will have to catch the ball without falling off the bench. Meanwhile other rules of netball must also be taken into consideration.

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