5 Effective Netball Drills For Beginners

There are number of elements in the netball game and in order to become a good player, you need to learn new skills and master your existing skills at the same time. So, here we have came up with some of the best netball drills for beginners that will definitely help them to learn each and every aspect of the game clearly. These netball drills for beginners will help them in learning the basics of the game and hence polish their skills with regular practice.

Shooting: BEEF

Beginners might face difficulty while learning to shoot. So, in order to make this process a bit simpler, there is an acronym (BEEF). So, it goes like:

B for Balance: Balance mainly comes from strong feet that are almost shoulder width apart and directly towards your goal.

E for Eyes: Some beginners have a perception that something is floating right above the ring and therefore they aim for that thereby allowing the ball to fall through the net.

E for Elbow: Make sure that your elbows are facing the ring with arms extending close to the ears. Ensure that the same position is attained when your arms bend backward before you release the ball.

F for Follow Through: You can create a follow through by the flick of the wrist from the shooting hand.

netball drills for beginners



Teaching positions is one of the most crucial netball drills for beginners and is also a tough task. However, it can be taught easily by framing some game so that one can learn it more easily. You can begin with having different player running to specific spots and in between you can call out their names before they make it to the desired spot. You can also record the time for each player while they run.

Stepping: Ice Cream

Learning not to step can be a difficult thing for most of the beginners. You can even create a game for this. You can implement the ice cream game under the circumstances mentioned below.

To begin with line up the players at the base line and then ask them to run until a whistle is blown. Hearing the whistle, the players will have to low jump and land on one foot while shouting ice. As soon they lower down their back foot on the ground, they will have to shout cream.

Catching and Passing: Bean Bag

You can start with catching and passing of small bean bags so as to avoid injuries and accidents. The beginners will have to form a circle and every player must practice by tossing the bag to their right and left. Go around the circle with the bean bag few times before introducing a ball. This is one of the most crucial netball drills for beginners that will help them in understanding different passes in the game and attain accuracy.

Movement Drill

Ask players to form to parallel lines at the base line and then call out the movements you will like them to perform. Each team member will have to do that movement until they get back into the line. To add a bit of excitement and fun to the drill, give an opportunity to every player t call out what movement they want their team members to perform.

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