6 Extremely Fun Netball Drills

fun netball drills

In order to become one of the best netball players, one needs to practice and master all the tiring netball drills over and over again. However, you can add some of the most fun netball drills to your daily routine in order to make you practice sessions more fun. These fun netball drills will help you in building stamina, mastering your skills, achieving team coordination and learning new drills. Here we have short listed some of the fun netball drills that will surely help you in improving your netball skills.


To begin with this drill, the players must stand in a position forming two parallel lines. The two players who are standing in the front must hold a ball and stand in a position facing the passer who is standing far away. To start with the drill, the passer will pass the ball to the player who is standing in the front. The player will then pass the ball back to the passer and bobs down. Every player standing in the line will follow the same practice until the last player standing in the line receives the ball. The last player receiving the ball will not pass the ball back to the passer instead he will have to run to the front of the line and then carry on the same cycle again. When the original passer i.e. the one who initially started the drill returns to his position the drill gets over and the team shouts finished.

Chase the Tail

For this drill, three players must stand forming a line and holding the waist of the other player. Every team member who are not a part of the line will try to tag the last player by forming a snake while the other two players who are standing in the front will try to defend them.

Hunting Tag

Hunting tag is another fun netball drills. In this drill, you will have to divide the team into two teams. Then one team will act as the prey while the other team will be the hunters. The hunters will start the game with a ball and then seek the team members of the other team i.e. the prey. The hunters can capture the prey team member only when he holds the ball. rest of the drill can be practiced under traditional netball rules.

Look Out

Allot same number of balls (4 to 6) to half the players in the center third and half of the players in the goal third. Every member has to throw the ball in the opponent’s third. Meanwhile, they will also have to try to snatch the balls coming from the opponent’s side. Remember that bounce passes are not allowed in this drill.

River Dance

For this drill, you need only two players holding one another by their shirts, shoulders or arms. They will have to try to tag other player’s feet with their feet. Similarly you can pair up all the members of the team and then the winners from each pair can be further paired up to compete against each other.

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